Entry into force 17.03.2020

  1. General provisions
    1. Welcome to Share Force One workforce sharing Platform.
    2. These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions applying to the usage of Platform. By visiting or using the Platform, you agree to the terms of use of the Platform.
    3. Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time and shall become effective upon publication on the Platform.
  1. Definitions

Platform – www.shareforceone.ee web page;

Terms and Conditions – Terms and Conditions of the Platform

Workforce Employer –legal person, who temporarily has free workforce to offer;

Workforce Renter – legal person, who is in need of temporary workforce;

User – Workforce Employer and Workforce Renter who are using the Platform in order to exchange workforce;

Platform Visitor – any person who accesses and uses the content of the Platform;

Actions – entering into contracts and agreements, transmitting statements, orders and other information between Users.

  1. Using the Platform
    1. The purpose of the Platform is to solve the workforce problem that has emerged during and after the crisis by conneting the Workforce Employers and Workforce Renters. 
    2. Users are able to add information about temporary job offers (job vacancies, including job location, job assignements, working hours, salary and other working conditions) and information about free workforce to the Platform. 
    3. The Platform connects the Users with each other, after which Users have the opportunity to use the templates of the model contracts provided by the Platform in further Actions.
    4. The Platform provides Users only with model contracts to facilitate and simplify further communication. Therefore the Users have to agree on the exact terms and conditions of the contract, including the terms of payments for using each others’s  service. 
    5. The Model Contracts provided by the Platform are constituted as advice that Users may rely on further Actions. Therefore, the Platform cannot take responsibility for any further Actions of the Users, including the compliance of future agreements of the parties with the requirements of law. 
    6. Users take the responsibility for verifying the suitability of temporary workers for temporary employment.
    7. All disputes between Users shall be resolved between Users who have entered into agreement with each other. 
    8. Users are responsible for the information provided about temporary job offers and free workforce. 
    9. Users confirm that the information provided to the Platform:
      1. is not false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading;
      2. is not fraud;
      3. does not violate the rights of thrid parties parties as well as data protection requirements;
    10. The Users authorize the Platform to process the information submitted to the Platform in order to bring together the Users and to facilitate the exchange of information between them.
  1. Liability
    1. The Platform has made reasonable efforts to ensure that the information contained therein is accurate and complete, but gives no direct or inderict warranties to this regard. Information on the Platform is subject to change without notice. 
    2. The Platform endeavors to ensure the availability of content, but does not in any way gurantee its availability at all times and does not exclude any interference with its operation. 
    3. Access to the Platform may be suspended or terminated at any time for technical or other reasons without prioir notice to Platform Visitors. As a result, the Platform cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage cause by such disturbances. 
    4. The Platform contains information published by Users. The Platform shall not be liable for the completeness or accuracy of this information or for any resulting loss.
    5. The Platform provides only a communication channel that brings together Workforce Employers and Workforce Renters and assists in further contracts with the templates developed for this purpose.
    6. The information on the Platform is for informational purposes and does not create any legal relationship with Share Force One.
    7. As the Platform is solely meant for simplifying the communication between Users, the Platform cannot therefore influence or be responsible for the content, quality or deficiencies of any service provided between the Users.
    8. The Platform does not itself participate as a contractual party between the Users. 
    9. The Platform will not interfene with Actions between the Users, including the negotiations of any further terms of their agreements. 
    10. The Platform does not provide temporary workforce as a service, and as such the Platform has no control over quality, timing, legality, non-provision of services or other temporary work conditions agreed upon by the Users.
  1. Intellectual Property
    1. The Platform contains materials that are protected by intellectual property rights. All rghts not transferred under these Terms and Conditions are owned by Share Force One or third parties. Reproduction, transfer, distribution, alteration, storage or any other use for commercial purposes of the Platform or any portion thereof is prohibited without the prior written permission of Share Force One.
    2. The Model Agreements offered to Users by the Platform are intended solely for the purpose of sharing workforce between Users.
  1. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
    1. The laws of the Republic of Estonia shall apply to the Platform and its Terms and Conditions. Disagreements are primarily resolved through negotiations.
    2. If the agreements cannot be reached, the disputes shall be settled in Tartu County Court. 

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